Branded & Clean Title

Does a Branded Title vehicle still have its manufacturer warranty?
In almost every circumstance, the manufacturer warranty will be nullified and voided due to the vast spectrum of vehicles that are branded all across the country on a weekly basis.

However, because we were our first customers, we 100% understand and appreciate the benefit of having that protection and security on any vehicle you own. So, in exclusive partnership with Integrity RoadReady, the nation’s largest Branded Title Extended Service Contract provider, we are proud to offer the best extended service contracts that provide factory-like coverage at astonishingly affordable rates which can be financed right in your loan! At AutoSavvy, you can purchase one of our certified branded title vehicles and an extended service contract and still save thousands of dollars from what you would pay for a comparable clean title vehicle!

A ‘Clean Title’ vehicle means it’s never been wrecked or been damaged before, right?
Unfortunately no. On average 30-50% of ‘clean title’ vehicles sold to the retail public have had some degree of damage in its history which necessitated repair. However, because the majority of those repairs are done privately, Carfax & Autocheck don’t get reports of what occurred and what repairs were done. The other unfortunate fact is that even if a dealer knew a ‘clean title’ vehicle they were selling had had damage in its past, there is no law requiring them to disclose such information. So, thousands of customers every day purchase ‘clean title’ vehicles assuming it’s never been damaged however they eventually find out that wasn’t the case. We here at AutoSavvy Nation believe full disclosure of all the facts as we know them is the best business practice to treat our valued customers the way we would want to be treated.

Well, I pulled a Carfax/Autocheck on this ‘Clean Title’ vehicle and it shows ‘No Accidents’, so it’s never had an accident, right?
Unfortunately no. Carfax and Autocheck, both ‘for-profit’ companies, are only allowed access to ‘public’ records. Insurance companies records of collisions are kept strictly private unless the vehicle is branded and then they report the date and location of the vehicle being branded. Meanwhile, the thousands of accidents, collisions, and bodywork that are done without a public record (i.e…police report, etc) connected to that vehicle will go undocumented and undisclosed. Through our vigorous 151 Point Certified Inspection we are certain to uncover any evidence of past repairs and correct any known issues on any vehicle.

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