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Explore Our Branded Title Vehicles for Sale 

At AutoSavvy, we sell branded title cars that have been restored to excellent condition. This niche in the used cars market is an excellent way for you to save thousands on a reliable vehicle. Branded title vehicles are a great way to find a used car for less while getting a higher value. With options from every major manufacturer at jaw-dropping prices, you’re sure to find more options that are open to your budget than you ever expected. Read on to learn about both the benefits of buying branded title cars for sale, as well as the general benefits of buying used cars for sale. Then, apply for financing and get in touch with an AutoSavvy dealer near you!

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

When you buy any used car, much less branded title cars for sale at an AutoSavvy in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Omaha, Nebraska, you can expect to save thousands. However, many drivers don’t know that the savings extend beyond pricing. Buying used cars also means you’ll:

  • Suffer Less Depreciation: Vehicles lose the largest chunk of their value in the first three years of ownership. When you buy used, you don’t have to pay for that rapid depreciation, and you can just as easily find a nearly new vehicle for much less that’s depreciating more slowly.
  • Enjoy Lower Insurance Premiums: Some insurers charge less for older cars, making it more affordable for drivers to get the proper insurance coverage.

Benefits of Buying Branded Title Cars for Sale

Salvage title cars are vehicles that have been in an insurance incident. When a vehicle is salvaged, it can be for a number of reasons. While a major accident might come to mind, you’d be surprised by all of the vehicles that were salvaged due to legal and bureaucratic technicalities. Some models have been salvaged simply because they were near a flood, or because they received some light hail damage. Regardless, salvage title cars lose most of their value. This is where AutoSavvy comes in.

We find salvage title vehicles that don’t need much work—the top 10% of options at salvage yards. Our restorationists then cost-effectively restore them to excellent condition and have them rebranded by the DMV with rebuilt titles. From there, we pass the savings on to you. Here are some benefits of buying branded title cars for sale at AutoSavvy:

  • Incredible savings, which allows you to choose from a much larger inventory of options 
  • A more thorough inspection and restoration process than you can expect when buying generic used cars, and in many cases, better reliability 
  • A complimentary warranty

Whether you’re shopping for a used Tesla from last year or used cars priced 20% below book value, you’ll find surprising options at our dealerships. Reach out to an AutoSavvy near you to start exploring our selection of branded title vehicles for sale today! 

Find an AutoSavvy Dealer Near You

If you have any more questions about our branded title cars for sale or the benefits of branded title vehicles for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our used cars. You can also explore our branded title information guides for helpful reads about the different types of car titles and more!

AutoSavvy has numerous locations throughout the country, from Auto Savvy Salt Lake City, Utah to AutoSavvy Windsor, Colorado. We even have locations in Boise, Idaho; Omaha, Nebraska; Houston, Texas; and Las Vegas, Nevada, and this only scratches the surface of our expanding roster of dealerships. We’re likely close by, and we’ve sold tens of thousands of branded title vehicles to happy customers. Read what they have to say! We look forward to introducing you to a little-known niche in the automotive market that will save you thousands on a highly reliable vehicle.

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