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Water Recovery Vehicles for Sale Near You 

If you’re on the hunt for an excellent deal on used vehicles, take a moment to explore the flood damaged vehicles for sale at an AutoSavvy dealer near you. We specialize in selling branded title vehicles of all stripes at unbeatable prices—all of which are in excellent condition. Read on to learn more about why flood damaged vehicles are a great option if you’re looking to save. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact us to book some test drives! 

Why Buy Flood Damaged Vehicles? 

  • What is a flood damaged vehicle? When a vehicle is involved in a flood, it’s often given a branded title by the insurer. Insurers will brand a vehicle’s title when they’d rather pay out the policy value than continue insuring the vehicle. From there, the vehicle is usually scrapped for parts. So why would you want to buy a previously flood damaged vehicle, otherwise known as a water recovery vehicle? 
  • What is a branded title? Not all “flood cars” are created equal. While many branded flood vehicles were submerged underwater, others were simply near water or a foot deep. AutoSavvy is in the business of selling water recovery vehicles that were never submerged in water. Every year, we review thousands of potential vehicles for our inventory, and we include only those flood damaged vehicles that were branded for absurdly bureaucratic reasons. 
  • Where does AutoSavvy come in? If the vehicle has actually sustained any damage, we only pick those that are easy and cost-effective to repair. From there, we take them to the DMV, who rigorously inspect each model. Once they pass the test, their titles are rebranded from “salvage” to “restored.” The good news for you is that, even with the “restored title,” these vehicles have taken a hit to their value and remain incredibly affordable, regardless of the good condition they’re in. 

Test Drive Flood Damaged Vehicles for Sale at AutoSavvy 

Now that you’ve read about the perks of buying vehicles from our water recovery inventory, find an AutoSavvy location near you and book your test drive of our previously flood damaged vehicles. We have locations all over—from Houston to Fort Worth, Omaha to Boise, and Las Vegas to Colorado Springs, so we’re likely close by! Don’t forget to read up on the complimentary warranty that comes with each one of our vehicles! Curious to learn more about our restoration process? Here’s how we take cars from the flood to the track!

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