AutoSavvy Story

It all started back in 2003 when Luke, the founder of AutoSavvy, was looking for a Ford F-250 truck and was introduced to the idea of purchasing an insurance auction vehicle, often referred to as a “branded title vehicle.” He was surprised to find thousands of vehicles being auctioned-off by insurance companies that were 1) structurally and mechanically sound, 2) repairable and most importantly, 3) thousands of dollars less than clean-title-comparable vehicles in the market. He was also amazed to learn that a portion of the vehicles were the result of a theft recovery or minor hail damage and were being auctioned-off as branded titles needing little to no repair. For the above reasons, Luke started purchasing these branded title vehicles for himself and his family members. Over the next few years, Luke and his family purchased several branded title vehicles and grew to absolutely love the idea that they could save thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality. As friends, neighbors, and relatives came to understand how he was able to find these amazing vehicles at unbelievable prices, they wanted him to find vehicles for them and their families as well. However, finding quality branded title vehicles was not an easy task.

Before AutoSavvy was formed, there was no dealership where an individual could simply choose from an already repaired assortment of quality, branded title vehicles. This type of business model did not exist. Luke envisioned a streamlined, one-stop-shop solution, where anyone could come learn about, test drive, inspect, and purchase a branded title vehicle. In his mind, this would revolutionize the car buying experience for thousands of people. Consequently, Luke opened AutoSavvy so that people everywhere could benefit from the unique niche of branded title vehicles.

We quickly learned that finding and consistently working with proven, professional body shops dedicated to understanding a specific make and model inside and out drastically reduced any risk of buying a branded title vehicle. In fact, the largest financial lending institutions in the state have contractually agreed to loan full value on all of our vehicles, due to our strict quality standards 10+ year tract record.

Our specialized shops have all the necessary computer equipment, tools, experience, and expertise to correctly repair the vehicle in order to meet and pass our rigorous 151 Point Certified Inspection as well as the state’s Safety and Emission Inspections. As a result of streamlining our reconditioning processes we now have thousands of satisfied customers that are thrilled with the value and quality of the vehicles they’ve purchased from AutoSavvy over the years.

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