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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Hail on a car roof

There are many cases when insurance won’t cover hail damage. This is because hail can cause extensive damage to the body panels and windows of your vehicle, and while that damage may only be cosmetic, the cost of fixing it can be even more than a transmission or engine overhaul. That is to say that there are plenty of reliable vehicles sitting in junkyards because they were “totaled” due to hail damage. But back to your original question, “Does car insurance cover hail damage?”

That depends, and it’s highly unlike if your car only has liability insurance. If you have full car insurance, in most cases, the agency will total the car and pay you out on the policy. Let’s take a closer look at what full car insurance covers, and how strict and bureaucratic insurance policies have created a high-value market of reliable, restored hail-damaged cars. Once you’re done reading, apply for financing and explore the inventory of hail-damaged vehicles for sale at an AutoSavvy location near you!

What Does Full Car Insurance Cover?

So, does car insurance cover hail damage? State law requires that you at least have liability insurance, which takes care of any damages you incur to others, whether that’s property damage or bodily harm. That is to say, liability insurance doesn’t cover hail damage. In order to receive a payout on your hail-damaged car, you’ll need full insurance coverage. But what does full car insurance cover?

  • Any damage to your vehicle caused by an accident
  • Any damage to your person or passengers
  • Any damage to your vehicle that’s not caused by an accident, such as theft, hail damage, fallen trees, or fires
  • Property damage or bodily harm incurred by your vehicle during an accident.

What is the Value of a Hail Damage Car?

Now that you know that car insurance covers hail damage, depending on whether you have full coverage, and you know what full insurance covers, let’s take a look at the value of hail-damaged vehicles. As we mentioned earlier, hail-damaged vehicles often only feature cosmetic damage. The reason they’re totaled is because that damage can be so expensive to repair, and insurance agencies will often pay out the policy on a hail-damaged vehicle. This is where AutoSavvy comes in. 

We find a slim selection of hail-damaged cars that are cost-effective to repair, and then, we restore them to excellent condition, have them pass a rigorous DMV test, and then, have them re-certified as being in rebuilt condition. Because their value has taken a hit from being totaled, we pass the savings onto you in the form of a highly reliable, thoroughly inspected vehicle that costs thousands less than your typical used car.

Test Drive Restored Hail Damage Cars for Sale at AutoSavvy

If you’re ready to test drive hail-damaged vehicles, contact your nearest AutoSavvy today! We have locations all over, from Boise to Las Vegas to Houston, TX, and everywhere in between. We’ve sold tens of thousands of vehicles, and because of their genuine reliability and low pricing, our locations are rapidly expanding. We’re likely in your metroplex. Take a moment to read our customer testimonials and to learn about our complimentary warranty before you swing by!

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