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January 27th, 2021 by


ASM Cars Launches in Houston, Texas

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. The category 4 hurricane caused unprecedented flooding that resulted in over $125 Billion in damage and directly resulted in the death of 68 individuals. Despite the havoc the hurricane caused, Texans immediately began rebuilding with eyes toward the future.

For years before Hurricane Harvey, the AutoSavvy family of dealerships had been purchasing salvage and rebuilt vehicles (Don’t know what a salvage title vehicle is? Click Here) from Houston. However, after the storm, the resiliency of Houston and the surrounding suburbs stood out to our team. We could see that the community truly valued what it meant to be rebuilt, and that is something that any AutoSavvy customer knows and cherishes.



Within weeks of the storm, AutoSavvy purchased over 3,000 vehicles from Houston that were totaled during the hurricane. Over the weeks and months that followed those 3,000 vehicles were rebuilt. Titles were then flipped from salvaged to rebuilt or reconstructed (also known as Branded), and they were sold to customers all over the nation who saved 20-30% off market value. Those vehicles became a major part of our story, and it was a story we felt we had to share.



That desire to spread our story led to the creation of our 2018 Flood to Track series. The series documents how AutoSavvy teamed up with race car driver Robb Holland, and the insurance auction, IAA, to take a Toyota 86 that was salvaged in Hurricane Harvey and rebuilt into an endurance race car. The project took many months, but culminated in Robb Holland and his team taking the rebuilt 86 back to Houston, Texas and racing at the 4th Annual Texas Fandango at MotorSports Ranch Houston in Angleton, Texas.



When the race ended, AutoSavvy couldn’t shake the feeling that we needed to be back in Houston for good. Over the course of the next few years we made plans and took actions to bring a branded title dealership to Houston. On February 1, 2021 our goal becomes a reality as the AutoSavvy family of dealerships opens our 11th store — ASM Cars Houston.



Our store will be located at 17930 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77065. Initially, the lot will be home to over 100 branded title vehicles, and will be operated by our store manager Kirk Dunn. Kirk is a veteran of the AutoSavvy/ASM Cars team and has most recently been managing our store in Post Falls, Idaho.



You may be asking yourself, “How is ASM Cars Houston any different from other used car dealerships?” It’s because the majority of the vehicles that we sell are branded title vehicles. That means that the vehicles on our lot have been rebuilt from salvage and now offer Houston car shoppers savings of 20-30% below market value! That’s thousands of dollars that you can save while still getting a low mileage, late model vehicle! So, if you’re like any of the residents of Houston that we’ve met and you know the value of something being rebuilt then ASM Cars Houston has the vehicle you’re looking for. Don’t believe us? Shop our complete inventory online here. Still not sold? Come take the vehicle you’re interested in out on a solo test drive and see the difference for yourself.