What is a ‘Clean Title?’

July 17th, 2017 by

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You’re browsing through the car ads online, looking for your next car. Wow – there are a lot of choices out there. In a majority of the ads you read, you see the mention of a “clean title.” For many, they might recognize that a clean title has something to do with the vehicle history, but what does it actually mean to have a clean title, and what are the differences between a clean title vs. a salvage title? Take a moment to learn about the clean title definition. 

We’ll also cover a little-known niche in the automotive market with an opportunity for incredible savings: warranty-backed “rebuilt title” vehicles, which you’ll find at AutoSavvy locations

What Does It Mean to Have a Clean Title? 

The term itself is misleading. The clean title definition indicates that the vehicle has never been deemed a total loss. With a clean title, a car might carry the balance of its new car warranty and have a slightly higher resale value. The alternative to a clean title is a car with a salvage title, otherwise known as branded title car. But what is the difference between a clean title vs. salvage title vehicle? 

A salvage title has been deemed a total loss by an insurance agency—you’ve been taught those are scary words. At AutoSavvy, we sell branded title models that have been restored and re-certified as being in rebuilt condition at the DMV. Before we jump into rebuilt title vehicles, though, let’s take a closer look at the possible issues that may be hiding behind the vague but positive sounding clean title definition. 

Can a Clean Title Car Have Issues? 

Now that you have a better understanding of what it means to have a clean title, let’s take a look at how this broad, often misleading term can conceal major issues on a used car for sale at your typical dealership. Here are just a few issues that a clean title vehicle can have: 

  • A car with a clean title can still have thousands of mechanical problems. These issues could range from engine failure to transmission concerns. You can buy a car with a clean title that has a broken-down powertrain.
  • A clean title can hide sloppy repairs. Sometimes, owners decide to fix collisions, fire damage, or electrical issues on their own, or by paying cash under the table to avoid an insurance claim that will affect their premiums. These hidden repairs go unreported, not showing up on the vehicle history report of the car title status.
  • A car with a clean title may have had the equivalent of “reconstructive surgery.” Some collisions cost insurers tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to complete. This extensive damage often includes frame or structural damage. Once it’s deemed sufficiently repaired, the car is still insured with a clean title. 

Why Buy a Branded Title Vehicle? 

  • A car with a clean title isn’t always the best car for you. In many cases, a branded title can offer better results for your family. When you look at an AutoSavvy vehicle with a branded title, there’s a level of transparency and accountability that exist, and it makes for a better car and better experience. 
  • A car with an AutoSavvy branded title isn’t hiding anything. A vehicle health report, history report, and detailed vehicle repairs are provided when a car with a branded title is sold. Do you get that when you buy a car with a clean title? Probably not.
  • A complete 151-point inspection by a professional has been performed on the car. Front to back, top to bottom, a car with a branded title has been thoroughly inspected and repaired before it’s sold. What’s more, it undergoes an extensive inspection at the DMV, where it’s re-certified with a rebuilt title. The criteria are much more stringent than on clean title vehicles. Your typical used car doesn’t undergo the deep inspection and restoration process that a branded title vehicle does. When it comes to a clean title vs. salvage title, which would you prefer?
  • AutoSavvy branded title cars sell for thousands less. Those two words – branded title – can save you thousands of dollars when you’re buying a car. Yet, the quality can often be much better than a comparable car with a clean title, because of the multiple deep inspections a branded title car undergoes. 

Test Drive Rebuilt Title Vehicles at AutoSavvy 

When you’re searching for your next car, remember that AutoSavvy specializes in cars with branded titles. There are awesome money-saving benefits to buying a car with a branded title. So, if you’re on the fence about whether to go with a clean title vs. salvage title, consider the following factors before you dive into research. We’ll give you a complete vehicle history and repair report, so you can be comfortable in your decision. We’re so confident in our vehicles that we also offer a Free Limited Powertrain Warranty for the first 3 Months/3,000 miles on any vehicle that has less than 100,000 miles. 

To take the next step, apply for pre-approval and contact us! We have locations in Omaha, Boise, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Houston, and we’re rapidly expanding. We’re likely nearby, and can’t wait to help you save thousands on a quality rebuilt title vehicle!


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