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What are the Different Types of Car Titles?

Vehicle title

You’ve probably heard the buzz about how title cars can save you thousands of dollars, and with some hesitation. If you’re unsure about what a title car is, the different types of title brands, and why the reconstructed title vehicles at your local AutoSavvy really are exceptionally reliable cars that cost thousands less than conventional used vehicles, take a moment to review our below. This really is a lesser-known niche of high-value savings. Once you’re done reading, apply for pre-approval and explore our inventory of rebuilt branded title cars for sale!

The Different Car Titles

Insurance companies use over a dozen different types of title brands to designate the quality and insurability of a vehicle. From junk titles to rebuilt titles, the glossary is lengthy. What you should take away from this is that AutoSavvy sells quality reconstructed title vehicles, which we’ll cover in a moment. First, take a moment to review the major insurance titles below:

  • Certificate of Origin: This title is issued by the manufacturer and given to the dealership that will sell the vehicle. It is used to transfer ownership from the dealer to the vehicle’s first owner.
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin: This isn’t one of the kinds of car titles. It’s just another term for a certificate of origin.
  • Clear Title: When a title is issued to an owner with no lien specified, it’s called a clear title.
  • Salvage Title: A salvage title is for a car that has been in an insurance event. Usually, that event means it was in an accident or stolen, but an insurance company can brand a vehicle with a salvage title for any reason, in which case it loses most of its value.
  • Branded Title: A branded title vehicle is any vehicle that has experienced an insurance incident resulting in a total loss. These vehicles are reconstructed and rebuilt.
  • Junk Title: A car may be given a junk title if it’s sent to a junkyard to be scrapped.
  • Bonded Title: If the history of ownership for a vehicle is vague and there’s a possibility that someone could come forward and claim ownership of the vehicle, a bonded title is issued. This title puts up security for the total value of the vehicle to safeguard against this scenario, so the vehicle can be sold without risk.
  • Reconstructed Title: This is a salvage title or junk title vehicle that has been substantially rehabbed to the point where it passes a roadworthiness inspection and may be driven legally.
  • Affidavit Title: A title missing substantial documentation may be issued an affidavit title.
  • Rebuilt Title: This is the same thing as a reconstructed title.
  • Certificate of Destruction: In the event that the insurance company pays out insurance to the insured for a vehicle that’s been in an incident, they may issue a certificate of destruction. This means that they’re going to scrap it at a junkyard.
  • Lienholder Title: The entity that issues an auto loan to a car buyer may issue a lienholder title, since they will maintain varying degrees of ownership over the vehicle until the loan is paid off.
  • Export Title: Depending upon the receiving country’s customs regulations, a car being shipped abroad may need to be issued an export title.
  • Import Title: Depending upon the receiving country’s customs regulations, a car being shipped from a foreign country may need to be issued an import title.

The High Value of Our Reconstructed Title Vehicles

If you’re googling for branded titles, you’ll find plenty of ambivalent articles that suggest that you might get lucky and buy a reliable vehicle for thousands less, but it’s a gamble. That’s not the case at AutoSavvy. We’re the nation’s largest vendor of branded title cars, which means, we have a large team of experts who identify the 10% of candidates at salvage lots for restoration—these are the vehicles that are going to be cost-effective to restore to excellent condition.

We then take these vehicles to our certified restorationists, who give them a deep inspection and rehabilitation that conventional used cars don’t receive. We take them from salvage titles to excellent condition, and then, we take our restorations to the DMV where they pass a rigorous test, where they’re re-certified as being rebuilt. We pass the savings onto you in the form of a highly reliable vehicle that costs less than any conventional used counterpart.

Test Drive Reconstructed Title Cars Near You

At AutoSavvy, we have locations all over the nation, and due to the high value of our title cars, we’re expanding rapidly. Whether you live in Houston, Fort Worth, Boise, or Omaha, we’re close by. We’ve sold tens of thousands of quality vehicles to happy customers in your neighborhood. If you have more questions about the types of title brands or what car titles are, don’t hesitate to reach out! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our complimentary warranty!

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