Critical Buying Questions

July 17th, 2019 by

Should you buy a branded title car?

ABSOLUTELY! But Ask These 3 Questions First!

Millions of Americans now proudly drive branded title cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs. From economy cars to exotic sports cars and every vehicle known to mankind. Branded title vehicles have established themselves as a very popular and reliable car buying choice.

But that doesn’t mean EVERY branded title car is a wise buy. Not every restaurant is good, not every hotel bed is comfortable and not every pair of shoes is well made. As a consumer, you must make wise choices.

Wise choices start with wise questions. Here are the questions you should be asking BEFORE you buy a branded title vehicle.
Here are four real reasons your teen deserves to drive an AutoSavvy branded title car:



Critical Question #1: “Can you show me the history behind the branded title?”

When a car has its title changed to a branded title, some sort of insurance event likely took place to trigger the title change. Nothing wrong with that; insurance events happen to vehicles thousands of times a day all across America. Most of those vehicles are professionally repaired and put right back into service. But some, fall into the hands of unscrupulous hack shops who do substandard quick fixes and then slap a for sale sign on the window. If any private seller or used car dealer will not or cannot give you the branded title history, run for the nearest exit and continue car shopping. The important thing to know here is that not all branded title cars are the same- not even close.

When you see an AutoSavvy car you love, the sales professional who is assisting you will happily share with you the entire known history of the vehicle including providing you with a list of parts replaced! This 100% full transparency way of doing business, makes AutoSavvy the #1 seller of branded title cars in the world.



Critical Question #2: “Has this vehicle been inspected?”

Before you buy any used vehicle you want to have it inspected by someone. But a branded title vehicle requires a specialized approach to inspection and only a highly trained Inspector can do it properly. When you ask most sellers of branded title cars if the car has been inspected, they will either give you a blank stare or they will mumble some sort of vague answer that is a bunch of babble that basically means, “not really”.

Each and every AutoSavvy car, truck, minivan or SUV is put through a detailed 151 point inspection by a trained professional who knows exactly what to inspect on a branded title vehicle. When you visit any AutoSavvy location across the USA, you can rest assured that each and every vehicle in our inventory has been through our 151 point inspection prior to being placed into inventory. It is this attention to detail that has contributed to AutoSavvy selling over 30,000 cars… and counting!



Critical Question #3: “Is there a warranty on this car?”

As you may well know, most used cars in the world are sold without any warranty of any kind. And almost ALL cars sold by private sellers are sold “as-is”. Since a branded title vehicle has undergone some repairs and reconditioning, it is only right that it be sold with a warranty. But the vast majority of dealers who sell branded title cars sell their cars “as-is”, just like private sellers.

AutoSavvy is different. Due to the specificity of our 151 point inspection, we are confident in our vehicles and are proud to offer a FREE 3 month, 3,000 mile limited drive-train warranty on every car we have with less than 100,000 miles on it! Peace of mind you can bank on. Only from AutoSavvy.