Seating Capacity – Basketball Arenas & SUVs

June 30th, 2022 by


There is nowhere in the world where basketball is as intertwined with the people and the community as it is in Indiana. Don’t believe us? Of the 10 largest high school basketball gyms in the United States, Indiana is home to 8 of them. They also hold the top 6 spots with gyms that hold more than 7,500 people. The largest gym, New Castle Fieldhouse, located in New Castle, Indiana holds 8,424 people (the student population of New Castle is approximately 1,200. Meaning the students could fill the gym about 7 times over). The Hoosier state loves basketball.

Lafayette, Gary, Elkhart, Muncie, Richmond, Seymour, and more are all home to basketball gyms that hold well over 7,000 people. Added together the arena seating capacity of the 10 biggest gyms in Indiana is 76,781. That’s a lot of seats! With so many seats available to watch a game, it got us thinking about the vehicles that have the highest seating capacity at AutoSavvy in Indiana. Someone has to get all those players to practice.



Top Three

We’ve identified 3 vehicles with the highest seating capacity that are found at AutoSavvy Indianapolis, and AutoSavvy Fishers. While only so many individuals can fit in one SUV, these vehicles also provide the comfort and convenience that make the ride feel like you’re not stuck in the nosebleeds.



Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe is a staple for the most dedicated team moms. With seating for 7 or 8, you’ll have no problem getting the starting 5 plus a sub to their big away game. Chevrolet calls it, “Generous second-and third-row leg room”, which still might be underselling it. Often equipped with a DVD video player, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto there is enough entertainment to keep everyone busy on the road trip.



Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot also comes with seating for 7 or 8. A rear entertainment system highlights the Honda Pilot’s interior. You won’t have to worry about much while you’re driving, Honda says, “The modern Pilot offers available CabinControl, a smartphone app that gives rear-seat passengers the freedom to control audio and climate features.”



Ford Explorer

Of the 7-passenger Explorer, Ford says, “Once inside, you’ll notice an array of amenities that make for a comfortable and convenient drive. And because it was built for the active lifestyle, you can expect an interior space that accommodates the kids, the dog, the sports equipment, camping gear, and just about anything else you may need on the road to exploration.”



No matter what basketball gym you’re going to around Indianapolis, make sure that you’re driving an AutoSavvy Branded Title SUV. It’s the best way to get your team to the game at the price and value you want.

With over 60,000 vehicles sold around the county, AutoSavvy knows branded titles just as well as Indiana knows basketball.