Truck Week: Interesting Facts About Trucks

October 25th, 2017 by


It’s Truck Week at AutoSavvy

Pop Quiz: The Ford F150 has been the best selling vehicle in the United States since what year?

While the origins of the first truck or “pickup” is debated, one thing is for sure, trucks are here to stay. Today, the pickup accounts for almost 18% of total new vehicles sold in the United States. Last year, pickup truck sales rose almost 6% to nearly 2.7 million sold and the Ford F-150 retained its crown as the best selling vehicle since 1982!



Here are some more fun facts about trucks that I bet you didn’t know:

  • Trucks are very American; less than 1% of the vehicles in Europe are trucks.
  • Chevrolet is celebrating 100 years of truck sales this year.
  • Toyota’s truck debut started in 1965 with the “Stout”.
  • Less than 15% of owners report that work is their truck’s primary purpose. Trucks are for everyone.
  • There is a Wikipedia page for “Rolling Coal”. If you don’t know what that is, read it and thank me later for the laugh.
  • Trucks are not cheap; the average price for a new pickup is $40,696!



Wait, $40,696 is the average price for a new pickup?

You read that right. Price increases haven’t affected the number of sales. Due to that kind of demand, Ford announced last month their new “Super Duty Limited” line, with models that can cost over $100,000.

I have to imagine that the average American is finding a new truck purchase further and further out of reach each year. Due to that, consumers are getting more savvy in their purchasing and buying of used trucks. We’ve seen that first hand from the number of people buying salvage (“Branded”) title trucks.



What is a “branded title truck”?

You might also hear them referred to as “salvage title” pickups or “rebuilt title” pickups. The better question is, “What is an AutoSavvy Branded Title Truck?”. And here’s the answer…

At AutoSavvy, we take pickups with a salvage title (or “rebuilt title” trucks, depending on where you live) and re-build them to the highest of standards, following a 151 point inspection process before they ever reach our sales floor. Oftentimes, these salvage title trucks were written off by insurance companies in situations where the loan balance exceeded the value of the car after a collision. In other cases, insurance companies will issue a salvage title or rebuilt title to a pickup truck after something such as a hail storm where the damage is strictly cosmetic!



What does this mean for the car-buying consumer?

It means you can get more truck for less while still having peace of mind. It might mean that you save 20-30% off sticker price, or now you are able to get a truck with lower miles or all the “bells and whistles” you otherwise could not afford.

Not all branded title trucks are created (or re-created) equal. AutoSavvy Branded Title Trucks are in a league of their own!

Here is a real-life example of how much an AutoSavvy branded pickup truck can save you!