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    At AutoSavvy, we have over a dozen locations and counting. As of this writing, we have locations in 8 states. All of this is to say that if you’re trying to find a vehicle with a branded title in our inventory, you’ll have thousands of options split between many dealerships. To quickly determine whether the vehicle you’re looking for is for sale at the AutoSavvy dealer nearest to you, use our rebuilt title vehicle finder tool, and will quickly let you know if we have what you’re looking for in stock at your neighboring AutoSavvy location, whether that’s in Omaha, Boise, Las Vegas, or Houston!  

    The Benefits of Rebuilt Title Vehicle 

    Before you find a vehicle with a branded title using our rebuilt title vehicle finder, let’s take a look at the value proposition of rebuilt vehicles. A rebuilt title vehicle is a vehicle that formerly had its title rebranded from clean to salvage by an insurance agency. In layman’s terms, the insurance company decided to pay out the driver’s policy rather than pay for them to have their vehicle repaired. Vehicles can have their titles branded because they’ve been totaled, and they can also have their titles branded for purely legal reasons that don’t reflect the condition of the model. Regardless, these vehicles lose most of their value.

    At AutoSavvy, we cherry-pick high potential branded title vehicles and then restore them to excellent condition. We then take them to the DMV, where they’re rigorously inspected and certified as having been rebuilt. Even after a comprehensive restoration, these vehicles are still more affordable than your typical used car, while providing the same level of value—really, our vehicles have been far more intensively inspected and refurbished than your average used vehicle for sale, and they still cost less.  

    Have Questions About Our Products? 

    If you have questions about how to find a vehicle with a branded title using our rebuilt title vehicle finder, just give your nearest AutoSavvy a call. We can also arrange for your test drives, help you find perfect alternative options if we don’t have what you’re looking for, and answer any questions you might have about our rebuilt title vehicles. You can also explore our branded title information guides for other helpful reads, including our overview of the different types of titles!